Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Will The Extreme Ideas And Tatics Of Health Care Protests Give Victory To Democratic Reforms

Mark Ambinder writes at The Atlantic:
"But Democrats are beginning to notice that opponents of health care reform have discredited themselves. They ramped up much too quickly...There were plenty of activists who really wanted to know about health care, and some who were probably misinformed -- scared out of their chairs -- to some degree, but the loudest voices tended to be the craziest, the most extreme, the least sensible, and the most easy to mock.

The American people remain anxious and confused about health care reform. That is an underlying reality that Republican activists are so eager to exploit. But doing so required a certain restraint -- and a willingness to traffic in at least approximate truths -- and an ability to make distinctions within their own ranks about which tactics were valid and which tactics were venomous."
Ambinder conintues:
" As usual, in a pattern that the left patented during the Bush administration, the organized right lost control of its message. Lawmakers, Republicans and Democrats, were being asked to respond to non-sequiturs (would you support a health care reform plan that grows the deficit? Health care grows the deficit right now, so it's a nonsense question, one that is easy for politicians to answer)."
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