Thursday, August 13, 2009

New York Now Has A Great Hot Dog!

If you haven't been to Bark Hot Dogs in Park Slope get on the 2 train to Bergen Street today. If you are not in New York you may need a plane.

I love hot dogs. I've been to a few cities just for hot dogs. Bark may have the overall best hot dog experience. The dogs have a great taste and a nice crisp casing that has that amazing snap as you bite. Lard Butter! They are basted in lard butter! The buns are warm and crisp on the outside a little soft on the inside. The toppings are fresh and varied.

These are not Nathan's or street dogs. Artisanal creations from people that supply dogs to Danny Meyer and Citi Field (makes me want to go to a Mets game).

The fries were OK, not close to great, but I was not there for fries. I do recommend the Six Point Bark Red Ale which is made specifically for Bark.

Cheddar Bacon Dog, Pickled Hot Pepper Relish & Mustard Dog

New York now has a great hot dog.

Bark Hot Dogs
474 Bergen Street
Brooklyn, NY
718 789 1939

What did we have on our visit:
Slaw dog $5.25
Bacon Cheddar Dog $5.75
Classic Dog $4.25
NYC Classic w/kraut $5.50
Bark Red Ale $3.00
Foxon Ginger Ale $2.50
Salt & Pepper Fries $3.00
Bark Dog(Pickled Relish) $5.25

Total $34.50

Worth the money!

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