Friday, August 14, 2009

The Failure of New Media

James Fallows put the blame on the blogs for not effectively combating "death panel" lies.
Fallows writes:
"But the flow of argument makes it appear that 'death panel' has won the battle of political ideas, as 'no exit' did 15 years ago (and as the birthers' have not done). For example, Charles Grassley seems to have bought it. I don't know which interpretation is more depressing: that Grassley actually believes in death panels (ie, he's irrational), or that he knows better but figures it's smart to say he believes (ie, he's craven). The political fundamentals, as I understand them, still favor the passage of some health-care bill. To that extent, Ms. McCaughey may indeed have been blunted. But I said two weeks ago that I thought today's communications systems had caught up with people who invented facts. I was wrong."
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