Friday, August 14, 2009

The Roots Of "Death Panel" Lies

Jim Rutenberg of The NY Times has an excellent article about the emergence of the "death panel" lies. He writes:
"The specter of government-sponsored, forced euthanasia was raised as early as Nov. 23, just weeks after the election and long before any legislation had been drafted, by an outlet decidedly opposed to Mr. Obama, The Washington Times.

In an editorial, the newspaper reminded its readers of the Aktion T4 program of Nazi Germany in which 'children and adults with disabilities, and anyone anywhere in the Third Reich was subject to execution who was blind, deaf, senile, retarded, or had any significant neurological condition.'

Noting the 'administrative predilections' of the new team at the White House, it urged 'anyone who sees the current climate as a budding T4 program to win the hearts and minds of deniers.'

The editorial captured broader concerns about Mr. Obama’s abortion rights philosophy held among socially conservative Americans who did not vote for him. But it did not directly tie forced euthanasia to health care plans of Mr. Obama and his Democratic allies in Congress."

These lies are extremely craven. People, pols in particular, who exchange in these lies should pay the price. Unfortunately, I don't see any political price coming for people such as Palin or Chuck Grassley.

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