Thursday, August 13, 2009

Is Message Getting Lost On Health Care?

Have Palin "death panels", Norris home invasions and other items caused a digression from the message. Is it the cause of the President mistake saying true but negative things about the Post Office.

The Political Animal writes:
"Gibbs responded by noting that there's 'a tremendous amount of disinformation that's out there.' He added, '[L]et's be honest, you all, the media, tend to cover 'X said this, Y said this,' but some of you, but not everyone, does an investigation about whether what X said is actually true.'

And while I think Gibbs' answer was true, and a raised an entirely legitimate argument that responsible news outlets should take seriously, the question raised a more specific point: whether the White House has 'lost control of the message,' because the president feels compelled to respond to ridiculous right-wing lies that a painful number of Americans have come to believe."

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