Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Calls For Moderate Republicans To Correct Palin Lies On "Death Panels"

Greg Sargent at PlumLine blog has asked when republicans that support end of life counseling going to call Sarah Palin and her fellow travelers out on the lies about the HR 3200 life counseling provisions. He wants them to follow in the path of Johnny Isakson.

Ezra Klein sort of agrees and he adds names to the list.

Klein writes:
"I fear it would be difficult for Isakson to argue today, as he did in April of 2008, that 'you ought to be required to execute a durable power of attorney when you become eligible [for Medicare].' But that was the right policy then then and it's the right policy now. Encouraging individuals to set down their end-of-life treatment wishes when they're of sound mind and body is not a liberal idea or a conservative idea. It's simply a responsible idea. And that's why responsible members of both parties have advocated it."
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