Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Should Health Care Reform Really Be Distinct Two Debates

Eugene Robinson of the Wash Post writes in his column today:
"reform is being sold not just as a moral obligation but also as a way to control rising health-care costs. That should have been a separate discussion. It is not illogical for skeptics to suspect that if millions of people are going to be newly covered by health insurance, either costs are going to skyrocket or services are going to be curtailed."

"We should be having two debates. One should be about the obligation to ensure universal access to health care, which will directly benefit millions of struggling families and make this a better society. The other -- a more complicated, difficult and painful discussion -- should be about the long-term problem of out-of-control health-care costs, which would be a looming crisis even if President Obama had never uttered the word 'reform.'

Conflating the two has made the nation's nerves jump and its skin itch. And now, anything can happen"

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