Friday, August 14, 2009

Is The New Goal "Tri-Partisanship"

Possibly a new political term. Seyward Darby at TNR asks the question:
"Turns out that Gingrich 's think tank, American Solutions, also calls itself a 'tri-partisan citizens action network'" So I called American Solutions to ask for the back-story on the odd descriptor. Spokesman Dan Kotman explained that the term, which he proudly claimed the organization coined, means 'find[ing] ways where Republicans and Democrats and Independents can work together.' But Independents, by definition, are not members of a party. (Admittedly, some scattered groups have tried to seize the 'independent' mantle: America's Independent Party, the Independent American Party, Independence Party of America.) When I pointed this out, Kotman paused. 'We just thought that would work. ... It's not necessarily parties; it's just the three most common types of groups out there.' He was quick to note that Mike Bloomberg, another proponent of education reform who met with Obama, Gingrich, and Sharpton back in May, is an Independent."
It turns out that "tri-partisan" is a synonym for odd couple, Gingrich and Sharpton. Sphere: Related Content

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