Saturday, August 15, 2009

Even The Fake Sarah Palin Lies

Facebook has disabled a fake Sarah Palin account. The Wall Street Journal story says:
"Using a photo of Palin sitting in a car with her seatbelt on and writing a message that read, 'Happy 4th of July and God Bless!?!', Grossman posted his page. Almost instantly, he found himself with about 100 requests from people wanting to be his – uh, Governor Palin’s – friend. He accepted them all. Updating the page almost every day, Grossman said he most often posted earnest messages about Palin’s love of God and country. But on occasion, he wrote posts he intended to be overtly satirical, so as to 'tip my hat to those that I thought knew better,' he explained.

He posted messages like, 'I need a salmon recipe for tonight. Todd just brought home a fresh one. Something spicy!' (Dozens of “friends” sent recipes in response.) Another update read, 'GOD LOVES US ALL, no matter how black or African, or even gay or Jewish we are.' He thought for sure people would catch on when he, as Palin, became a fan of Strunk & White."

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