Thursday, August 13, 2009

Is Health Care Killing Specter?

A new Rasmussen poll shows approval for Senator Arlen Specter erodes further. In June Rasmussen reported that 53% of Penn voters favored Specter and roughly 43% did not. The new numbers are reversed, Specter’s favorable is 43% and unfavorable is 53%.

The biggest issue this summer is health care, is it killing his chance for reelection?

Specter has decreasing republican and democratic support. The survey shows that 80% of republicans would vote for his would be Republican challenger, Pat Toomey, and Specter would only draw 61% of the democrat vote. Where is the rest of the democrat vote going?

In the D primary Specter still holds a statistical lead over challenger Congressman Sestak but that lead has decreases six points since June.

Specter has run out of parties. He needs health care reform to work in the next year, not just pass it has to display some real improvements in the delivery of care and access to care. Is one year enough time to show significant improvements, Specter better hope so.

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