Thursday, August 13, 2009

Are Specter's Days In The Senate Numbered

Down With Tyranny Blog makes the point that the Democratic primary may not be so easy for Pennsylvania's senior Senator.

Down With Tyranny writes:
"For as long as I've known Joe Sestak, 'the right thing to do' has always been what I've seen guiding him-- not the right thing to do for his campaign donors (Arlen Specter's modus operandi, but the right thing to do for America and for America's ordinary working families. That's why I feel alright asking you to think about donating whatever you can afford and feel comfortable giving to Joe's campaign. Specter will have all the money corporate America can dish up. He gets more from the more venal interests in the country-- Big Insurance, the banksters, the Medical-Industrial complex than anyone in the Senate who hasn't run for president. And no big donor ever felt they didn't get their money's worth when contributing to Arlen Specter's shameful career."
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