Sunday, August 16, 2009

144 Ways That America May Die

Slate writer, Josh Levin, researches and compiles a list of 144 problems that may lead to the end of the United States. Levin writes:
"Of course, the fall of America probably won't come to pass for any single, isolated reason. A nation as powerful, cohesive, and enduring as the United States won't go down easy—the death of the United States will be the consequence of a bunch of different stressors converging at once. What are those stressors going to be? Will America go down as part of a worldwide collapse, or will we perish as the rest of the globe flourishes? You can take a stab at answering all those questions with our 'Choose Your Own Apocalypse' tool. (Note: While many of the factors here represent a threat to the entirety of human civilization, the title of this feature should not imply that the end of America is equivalent to the end of the world. We're not that self-obsessed—'Choose Your Own Apocalypse' just has a nice ring to it.)"
"Choose Your Own Apocalypse" Tool

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