Thursday, August 20, 2009

NewsFlash: Agriculture Town Hall Meetings Less Exciting Than Health Care Town Halls

It seems the tone of the agriculture town halls are more civil than those for health care. The respective stories for each are also more imaginative and pleasant. Ria Misra at Politics Daily:
"On Wednesday at the Iowa State Fair, a group of farmers gathered from all over the state. Walking straight past the 1,000-pound squash, a 600-pound butter sculpture of a cow and the stand selling fried Milky Way bars, the farmers sat down to detail some of the problems they were facing to their former governor."
But the two town halls intersect. Misra:
"It's not just the lack of insurance that's troubling farmers. Vilsack estimated that the out-of-pocket costs for people living in rural communities was about $1,000 more per year than their urban counterparts pay. 'Rural America really comes out at the short end of a very long stick under the current health care system,' he said."
You would think that Iowa's senior Senator would be talking about the health care plight of Iowan farmer's. Sphere: Related Content

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