Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How To Keep The Florida Senate Seat Warm For Crist

Bradford Plumer in The New Republic's The Vine Blog ponders the political maneuvers Florida Gov. Charlie Crist needs to make in order to secure that seat for himself in the next election.

Plumer writes:
"The big litmus test, though, will be who Crist appoints as a placeholder to serve out the rest of retiring Senator Mel Martinez's term. The odds are overwhelming that Crist's pick will cast a vote on a major climate bill in the Senate later this year. Environmental groups are already pressuring Crist to appoint someone who reflects his views on energy and global warming. But, of course, if Crist appoints a green Republican who votes for a climate bill, he risks the wrath of the GOP base in next year's primaries. So what's it going to be."
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