Saturday, August 22, 2009

The American Thunker Is Always Searching For A Reason To Attack

Now they are attacking the Obamas for wanting to have a small farmers market outside the White House grounds. What is wrong with that? If the White House garden is yielding a surplus in excess of the White House needs why not offer it to the community? I think the farmers market outside the White House is basically a inexpensive method of making an example of healthy food choices.

But Clarice Feldman of the American Thunker must not be a green thumb. She writes:
"Like a child who wandered into an adult cocktail party and tried to seem precocious by mouthing clich├ęs he doesn't really understand, Obama once again made a fool of himself as he did during the campaign when he told his rich backers in San Francisco about those bitter clingers to their religion and guns ."
"For the record, Washington D.C. has many outlets selling good fresh food , including numerous well-attended farmers' markets selling locally grown produce .The President might have known this if he hadn't spent most of his feckless tenure jetting about the world apologizing for the "sins" of his country."
I am unsure how the President made a fool of himself. What is the poor judgment he displayed by proposing a farmers market? Is it because there are farmers markets in DC already.

According to Google maps there are six markets in DC. There may be more than six but does one more hurt? It would be a better proposal if the White House would setup the market in a neighbor that does not have a market already and lacks options for fresh fruit and veg but that does not make the White House farmers market a bad idea.

Also how is Barack Obama like a child?
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