Saturday, August 8, 2009

You Don't Want To "Come Up Against The Second Amendment"

This is a recording released by the SEIU of what they say is a call they received from Diane. Diane seems real nice until she threatens to shoot someone.

This getting real crazy. I can't help but think that someone is going to die because of their views on health care. Hopefully not, perhaps this recording is a fake by random SEIU members. But with the recent shootings in Kansas and Washington we know how some unbalanced people can take the extreme rhetoric they hear and turn into some "Son of Sam-esque" murdering lunatic. If the recording is real and you combine it with the following report you will cringe.

Talking Points Memo
yesterday reported on a string of Twitter tweets from anti reform protester named Scott Oskay. Here is just a sample:

Who brings a gun to a debate. License to carry are you kidding. If SEIU members did attack a anti-reform "protester" they should be prosecuted. But this is going too far. We have to stop. Sphere: Related Content

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Neonightcrawler1 said...

This is fucking ridiculous.

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