Saturday, August 8, 2009

Is Hip Hop Getting Too Hard On Gay Men, No Homo

Slate has an interesting story on the ever rising homophobia in Hip Hop. The incessant defense against homosexuality doesn't sound like homophobia, but more like autoimahomophobia (not really a word). Favorite passages:
"No homo, to those unfamiliar with the term, is a phrase added to statements in order to rid them of possible homosexual double-entendre. ('You've got beautiful balls,' you tell your friend at the bocce game—'no homo.')"

"I once asked Method Man whether he thought we'd ever see an openly gay gangsta rapper. He grew visibly agitated. 'You can't be fuckin' people in the ass and say you're gangsta,' he responded. As Kanye West has observed, gay and hip-hop have traditionally functioned as mutually exclusive terms, Venn diagrams that don't touch (and get really testy at the suggestion that they might, you know, want to). In 1989, Big Daddy Kane summed up the reigning attitude: 'The Big Daddy law is anti-faggot.' When DMX insulted rivals 10 years later by rapping, 'Y'all niggas remind me of a strip club/ 'Cause every time you come around it's like I just gotta get my dick sucked," hip-hop was still so aggressively understood as hetero-centric that it was inconceivable to DMX that there might be anything the least bit gay about his fantasy of a roomful of men fellating him."

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Anonymous said...

Every time I hear about homophobia in Hip Hop, all I think about is all them on the "L"...and all that matching-outfit talent.

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