Thursday, August 6, 2009

Competitive Naturalization--I See An Immigration Reality Show

The UK is proposing an immigration naturalization program that gives immigrants hoping to become UK citizen points for behavior that is British and deducting points for un-British behavior. Apparently un-British behavior includes exercising the right to protest the government, a right held by all British subjects.

Keith Best of Immigration Advisory Group, an immigration advocate says:
"'I would be very surprised if the government would say to probationary citizens, 'You need to curtail your freedom of speech as a probationary citizen in order to be able to enjoy it fully once you become a British citizen.''"
I understand the need to control immigration but this doesn't sound right. Does it control immigration or just the number of citizens? It does not seem to reduce the number of migrant workers coming to Britian.

Either way I can't wait until the BBC show that crosses the Weakest Link and Monty Python's Twit Olympics. Sphere: Related Content

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