Saturday, August 1, 2009

If Olbermann Can't Attack O'Reilly Why Watch UPDATE

Glenn Greenwald at Salon takes the NY Times story about NBC and Fox to the place where the NY Times should have. Greenwald writes:
"So here we have yet another example -- perhaps the most glaring yet -- of the corporations that own our largest media outlets controlling and censoring the content of their news organizations based on the unrelated interests of the parent corporation."
He goes further:
"It makes no difference what one thinks of O'Reilly's attacks on the corporate activities of GE or Olbermann's criticisms of O'Reilly and Fox News. Whatever one's views on that are -- and I watch neither show very often -- those are perfectly legitimate subjects for news reporting and commentary, and the corporate decree to stop commenting on those topics is nothing less than corporate censorship."
Greenwald also takes issue with the guest hosting slots by Richard Wolffe on the Olbermann program. I was unaware that Wolffe had left Newsweek for a corporate communication position, essentially a lobbyists. I was more disturbed by Howard Dean hosting. Sphere: Related Content

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