Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ezra Klein Looks Closely At Bill Kristol's Daily Show Appearance

Ezra Klein of The Washington Post takes a closer look at Kristol's conversation with Jon Stewart on health care costs. Klein corrects Kristol's errors.

Klein writes:

"Bill Kristol, who writes frequently about health care and advises the Republican Party about how to vote on bills, is misinformed on the basic facts of the situation. And even his misinformation isn't terribly coherent: Later in the interview, he says that the Army health-care system -- which is fully socialized -- is the best health-care system we've got, and the reason we can't give it to all Americans is that it's too expensive. Socialized medicine, in other words, works. The rest of us just don't deserve it.

To be fair, I don't believe that Kristol believes that. When he says that the danger with Obama's plan is that it 'would put us well on the road to government-run health care,' I take him at his word. But it is interesting to watch what happens when his adoration for all things military collides with the distrust of all things federal. Turns out that the conservative in Kristol is no match for the militarist"

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