Tuesday, July 28, 2009

David Frum, Reasonable Critique Of Current "Conservative Patriotism"

Frum testifies at NewMajority.com to the American rule of law and the current misplaced "demise of liberty" attitude. A sample:

"If I lived in a country in imminent danger of a Bolshevik or Fascist seizure of power, I’d be a cowardly fool if I failed to use every means to prevent it, including violence if need be. If it were true that our political opponents wanted to impose tyranny on the United States – if (as Rush Limbaugh said the other day) a vote for the other party was a vote for “totalitarianism, dungeons, and torture,” then what patriot could possibly abide a political defeat?

Happily, none of those things are true. As wrong and harmful as the Obama administration’s plans are, the administration is playing by the rules of the game. To agitate people into thinking otherwise is to corrode the foundations of the American constitutional regime."

More discussion in this vein would be productive.

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