Thursday, July 30, 2009

Boston Cop Apologizes, Should He Be Fired?

The cop suspended from the Boston PD for writing a racist email has apologized. He is going to fight the PD to keep his job if he is fired. His lawyer said, "I think the department has taken such an outwardly over-proportional response," he said. "We have police officers who do heroin, cocaine and keep their job, beat their wives, keep their jobs. The mayor isn't out on TV saying they're g-o-n-e."

If that is his argument he should start looking for a new job.

Should the cop be fired?

I think so. We are continuously told that cops should get the benefit of the doubt. I don't think that is appropriate but that it what some think is appropriate because cops do a potentially dangerous job. If we are to give cops this benefit we should also hold them to a higher standard of behavior. I think the language and ideas in this email surpass that standard. Sphere: Related Content

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