Monday, July 13, 2009

Update on UPS extra labor

A follow up on a previous post. I hope to ask the UPS drivers on my block the next time I see them but meanwhile I came across a San Diego Union Tribune article.

The article states:
"UPS pays about $2,000 a month in parking fines for its San Diego drivers, said company spokeswoman Ronna Branch.

That's relatively low, considering UPS drivers in New York City have collected about 15,000 tickets - close to $10 million in fines – in a recent year."

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Anonymous said...

That seems like a ridiculous amount of money. Do they pay their fines? Do they settle? Does the city have leverage over the delivery company?

What are the costs to drivers in the area who cannot pass the illegally parked vehicles (those double parked)?

Do they let their trucks idle while they are making deliveries?

The Observer said...

I agree that it is ridiculous amount. I am not spending much time to figure this out. Although it is oddly interesting. I have stumbled upon other source that say roughly the same amount.

You should read Update on UPS extra labor II

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