Saturday, July 18, 2009

Not everyone should go to college.

This is interesting from Reason's Hit & Run Blog, The Case Against College Entitlements. Michael Moynihan makes the argument that we should not try to send everyone to college. I would agree.

Not everyone is capable of succeeding in college. Just graduating is not succeeding.

Mr. Moynihan used drop-out and graduation in four-years statistics as evidence for his position that we should not be putting more money into the federal expense for higher education. While his argument kind of makes sense he is wrong to make the fiscal argument when the problem is standards.

We should put more money into education so qualified students can attend but we need to strengthen standards. Because the long term benefit of funding qualified students can be so great.

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Liz Patton said...

There is a lot of research in the areas of education and sociology that effectively argues this point. Our society should value technical and physical labor and encourage people who love working with their hands or other occupations that don't require a college degree. One of the main problems is that college level work is now like high school. We need to fix the lower schools and encourage people to pursue their interests no matter if it requires a college degree or not.

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