Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jeff Sessions seems confused II

Does Judge Sotomayor speak in sentences too complicated for Senator Sessions?

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Starbuck1 said...

I think they were having a respectful dialog and all the while understanding one another. Sessions does not seem confused at all. Sotomayor will be a very good Supreme court justice when all is said and done. I have little doubt.

LP said...

I do agree that the dialog was respectful; however, Sessions took a quote out of context and on top of that didn't understand the complexity of her statements and consequently missed her point about all judges (as human beings) are not naturally impartial and most recognize this as truth. One strives to be impartial, it is something that you reach. It is not a given. She is an academic and her writings/speeches should be treated as such--that means close readings.

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