Saturday, July 11, 2009

It's a bird, It's a plane, It's a waste of $170,000?

If you could raise $170,000 what would do with the money?

There are infinite answers to this question and all can be judged. Some people would do great things with $170,000 others would piss the money on meaningless crap.

An article in this weekends WSJ tells the story of a group of people that raised $170,000 to restore the house of one of the creators of the Superman comic. This may fall into the meaningless crap category. Some one lives in the "Krypton" house (actually it is in Cleveland - slightly less exotic but not completely destroyed, yet) and has lived there for 25 years. I guess this is great windfall for him.

I know I could find more important problems to fix than Superman's would be "birth place". I think I could find one in Cleveland.

I like Superman not as much as some people but I appreciate the concept.

The back story to the creation of Superman is interesting in pseudo "Bruce Wayne" sort of way. Jerry Seigel the co-creator imagined ways that his father's life could have been saved from a robbery at his Cleveland clothing store in 1932. A year later "The Man of Steal" was born. I am actually glad I know that.

Maybe Shaq can live in house for his stay in Cleveland.

Am I not giving Superman an adequate amount respect as a part of our cultural zeitgeist? Sphere: Related Content

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