Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Birther Responds: President Obama's Family Is Unusual

Here is a reader's response (via Facebook) to the post An Answer to Crazy Birthers; Amend Article II Section I.
"Thanks for the post, but it's hardly an answer, as you don't actually address the issue at all.
You do, however, play the race card. You imply that it's simply the fact that Mr. Obama is not white that prompts us to question his place of birth. And that's a cheap shot.
Mr. Obama was born to a woman separated from her Kenyan husband, a woman who went to see him shortly before Obama was born. Obama spent his early youth abroad, thinks of himself as a citizen of the world, and wrote an autobiography strongly focused on his absent father and his supposed African roots.
That's unusual. We've never had such an exotic candidate with such a peculiar personal story. Most past presidents have had two American parents.
So it's not unreasonable to ask to see some proof of his place of birth. What is unreasonable is that he steadfastly refuses to provide it. In fact, that goes beyond unreasonable: it's bizarre."

The reader believes I am taking a cheap shot and playing the "race card". His implication is that Barack Obama's race has nothing to do with the birthers ridiculous ideas. But he goes on to tell me that the reason the birth certificate is important is because President Obama is "exotic" and his family background is "unusual". These sound like code words but perhap this reader does not even recognize his own implication. I would concede that President Obama's family is not typical of past presidents but "unusual". This debate is bizarre. Sphere: Related Content


Anonymous said...

Did President George Washington have 2 American parents? This kind of effort is ridiculous. President Obama is unquestionably an American citizen; and unless you have Native American roots, than your just a hypocrite.

Hank Racette said...

Dear Anonymous,

No, George Washington didn't have two American parents. That makes him and a few other early presidents a little unusual, too. However, the constitutions contains a specific exemption for them, that excuses them from the natural born citizen test.

Mr. Obama has no such exemption. Since he has, through his dishonest behavior during and after the campaign, earned the legitimate distrust of millions of Americans by distorting his personal story, I think we can be excused for wanting to see some evidence that at least this bit is true.

Mr. Obama is not unquestionably a natural born American citizen, and no amount of repeating that claim will establish it. Releasing the long form of his birth certificate might, but he's strangely reluctant to do that.

Why, do you suppose, is that?

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